Hi! I’m a young, passionate, and driven individual is on the brink of starting her own specialized virtual assistance and consulting agency. With a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, I always wanted to run my own agency. Initially I was intrigued by the idea of helping other businesses, especially startups, with their day to day projects. Becoming a freelance consultant helped me do just that. Freelancing was the best way for me to put myself out there the way I hoped to. As it became the foothold that drove me to get started with what I had, a laptop and internet skills, I wanted to do more. I am focused on: Economics, Data Analysis and Finance. Administration. Consultation. Statistical Analysis. Design and Creative Services. Extensive research in all areas I can become familiar with.

Working to make a difference. Dedicated, persistent, hard-working, efficient, and handles tasks to the best of abilities. Enjoys a challenge and up for anything your project has to offer. With expertise in research, business management, economics and finance, logo design, data entry, administrative duties, but also willing take on any other types of projects, I like to diversify. I work very well under pressure, always on time – I don’t just meet deadlines, deadlines meet me. Your projects are in great hands.


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