I am a capable freelance web / mobile developer, specializing in full stack development. This means I am fully capable of, but am by no means limited to,

  • Planning, developing, implementing, securing, and maintaining various back end servers (e.g. databases, web servers, email servers, VPN / VPSs, etc)
  • Planning, developing, implementing, securing, and maintaining various  web services, such as
    • E commerce solutions that allow you to create, advertise, and sell products on your website
    • Login / logout functionality for user accounts,
    • Administration pages that allow you to control your website and its content, manage users, upload new products (if E commerce is involved), etc
    • Business management, documentation, communication, and other types of internal business related platforms
  • Security, and this is a big one. For those in the Wabash Valley, I am the only individual with knowledge and experience in cyber security and penetration testing. 
  • Full design of the actual website / web application. I can create visually appealing designs and themes, and can do so on a regular basis.
  • Much, much more. Contact me for any type of service related to technology.

My rates are not set in stone; however, this means they very well could be above my advertised price, as well as below. For instance, if asked to do any sort of penetration test on your existing company servers / applications, the rate is $75 / hour with nondisclosure contracts and related covered by me.

I also will fix / clean your computers, remove viruses, upgrade hardware, and more. If you contact me for any repair related job, be sure you want to spend money. I will diagnose your machine, but you must bring the $25 minimum to the diagnoses for payment.


To those more technologically inclined, my skills include

  • Frontend javascript frameworks (my favorite is Angular)
  • CSS3 / HTML
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design
  • jQuery
  • MongoDB, though I do extensively know various relational based databases such as MySQL, Postgresql, and MSSQL
  • Node.js & Express.js
  • Ruby. I use this mostly for security related things, such as developing tools I need for the job, or automating other tasks. I do have experience with Ruby on Rails, though I greatly prefer Express when flexibility and rapid development is key, or Apache / nginx where reliability and performance is key.
  • Microcontrollers
  • C. 25% of the time, I use C for resource intensive tasks, and 75% of the time I use it for security related things.
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