Tutoring offers a personalization to learning different than studying alone or taking in information within a classroom setting. Because individualization is the focus of this type of educational development, working within your strengths and weaknesses are the basis of what is required to understand how you comprehend information. This type of service uses direct one-on-one input from the student to the teacher, establishing a personal relationship where the student can customize their specific needs towards mastery. Individual tutoring is different than some of the other tutoring establishments available on the market because you receive the same teacher each time instead of many different ones. This allows you to achieve a solid rapport and investment in your learning needs, making learning easier and producing quicker results.

Areas of speciality:

* elementary, middle and high school writing (ELA)

* elementary, middle and high school social science (social studies, world/US history, civics, geography, economics, psychology and all AP related content)

* elementary, middle and high school math

* study skills and subject research

* testing strategies

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