Hello, fellow human!

I am now to describe my services but, first a bit about me:

I am enthusiastic, creative and motivated professional with excellent written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. I’d like to think that I am an extrovert (however, I just took a personality quiz and it said I am an ISFJ), with an admirable ability to build and maintain strong relationships, and I have a strong drive to inspire and empower others.

A year and a half ago, I left all that I knew for love. I moved from Southeast Michigan to West Alabama, after solely living in Pure Michigan. I decided to try the freelancer route and see if I cannot align my inner purpose.



My services I give to you:

I have the proven ability through my volunteer work, a PR internship, continuous education with webinars, seminars, and classes, and of course previous career positions, to develop and implement strategic marketing initiatives.

I have the ability to identify key points within each client’s campaign and customize using a multi channel marketing cloud, as well as effectively creating images and content for email, direct mail, mobile and media marketing campaigns.



The Strategies for Business and Technical Writing, level 485 class, I received a 3.8 GPA.

Successfully and impressively, I wrote all web copy for a leading standards developing organization’s (SDO), on the membership webpages for its new website/brand/logo unveiling.

I’ve also written artist bio’s, press releases, email pitches to journalists, website blogs and more.

I was contracted to do all aspects of marketing and PR for successful real estate agency in Michigan before attending Oakland University full time.



Gained editing experience through my internship, where I edited the artist bio’s, press releases and blog posts.

I eagerly assisted in the proofing and editing of a leading nonprofit in its industry’s 104 page annual catalog. It was through that experience I was able to see how a nonprofit can publish in-house magazines, annual catalog, along with technical symposiums, articles, etc.  I also managed the email weekly campaigns, customizing to current straetegy. I also gained experience learning how to approach a 30K marketing budget cut-which affected the quarterly direct mailing campaign.


Public Relations:

When I first went back to college (the second time, and second degree) it was so I could become an event planner. I loved to planning fundraising events for nonprofits. While still living in Michigan, I would annually recruit a minimum of 7 people, and as many as 15, for my Relay for Life team – Mission Possible. I also successfully led our team to raise over $4,000 in a single outside event.

However, it was through my internship that I was able to hone in my public relations skills; through its fast paced environment, learning quickly the difference between PR and marketing.



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