You will get only the best from me.  Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed or I will give you your money back.  You pick the topic, and I will deliver creative, well-written content.  The topic will be researched thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted.
I enjoy writing anything –  articles, blogs, reviews, SEO focused writing, and more.  I can take a very small idea and run with it – business, sports, movies, video games, cooking or baking or grilling, dining, the outdoors, and technology are all subjects I have great experience in and are all things in which I have interest.Don’t let it stop you if what you’re looking for isn’t on this list – I can write about anything.  Just give me a topic, like say… “highest paying trucking companies.”   Yes, I’ve done exactly that and extremely well for my clients.

I thoroughly research any topic that I don’t have an intimate knowledge of, and I will thoughtfully craft you a work of art.

I do voice work, voice overs, and copy writing too!  Just tell me what you need.

To get an idea of my writing style, please check out my blog at http://pizzamacgyver.blogspot.com/


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