Social media is my passion – and my job! I’ve spearheaded a successful, proven and now thriving

social media strategy with over 11,000,000 facebook video views of a 38 sec video promoting a plastic

Aussie fishing invention. Originally sold from the inventors garage. Now they’re a multi million dollar

business. I’ve recently relocated back to QLD to gain a role where I can apply my deeply entrenched

entrepreneurial spirit, project management skills developed over the previous 20 years in the food

processing industry, advertising and later as a paid graduate at QTQ Nine News making animations and

news graphics. Not leaving out my hospitality core customer service manner which paid for all of my

university parchments.. I seek a role that will make use of my time management, strong communication,

problem solving skills and enable me to inspire others through providing superior customer service

when designing. It is my hope that this will lead me to provide positive inspiration to customers and

colleges working towards a mutually rewarding and ongoing career.

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