Business mentoring is a new service I offer to solo entrepreneurs. A brief 20-minute complimentary
Skype / Video conversation to establish a good mindset and overview of your business. During the
brainstorm methods I will cover the following: Brief details about your business, inform me about
your need and struggle, your problems, opportunities and where do you want to be in two or three
years time and mentoring is different to consultancy.

What makes my service different? I appreciate that entrepreneurs need to be fast, flexible and
innovative in terms of building their business. If a strategy is not working then, it might be a
good idea to rethink. Experimentation is the key and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t is
crucial. Great to see a mountain of optimism, incredible self-belief and confidence. This can be
both an advantage or disadvantage. Let’s find out more simply get in touch today.

Looking for a virtual office in the heart of London / UK for less than £ 60 per months and full
office service inclusive mail forwarding, it might be just what you are looking for.


( sorry for the text I can’t get it in a nice line must be the set-up )

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