A healthy computer is the most important factor whether you are a home user or a small business. Like your own health, taking a proactive, preventive approach is much better than a reactive approach. Over the years, I found out that keeping users informed about how to take care of their computers such as keeping a active anti-virus and anti-malware subscription, maintaining backups of important data is the most important aspect of keeping computer problems at bay. I will resolve your current problem and also advise you on how to keep future problems at bay.

Why are my quotes so low? Is there hidden costs? Well, not having a big store front selling accessories and needing sales people let me pass down the savings I get directly to you. Building a strong relationship is more important to me than to charge a customer highly for a one time job.

If there’s something wrong, it is just not “right”. I know how it feels to have a system that just doesn’t respond to your commands, something that is “missing” or just feels wrong. I’ve been there and I want to help you get it right.


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