After 35 years in Information Technology as a software development team manager and programmer and as the owner of three successful small businesses, I now write part time. My career required huge amounts of technical writing for documentation (user manuals, diagnostics, etc.), business plans, contracts for software development and completion plans, project plans and other associated writing tasks.

Post retirement, I have written and published several books on gardening and chickens. I maintain about twenty blogs on subjects such as gardening, cooking, animal-keeping (chickens, turkeys, horses and sheep), staying healthy and marketing on the internet.

Some of my blogs are Queen D Ranch (http://queendranch.com), Queen D Ranch Gardening (http://queendranchgardening.com), All About Food Preservation (http://allaboutfoodpreservation.com), Pork Chop Recipe Shop (http://porkchoprecipesshop.com) and Today’s Healthy Choice Club (http://todayshealthychoice.club). Please feel free to check out the content on those sites.

I have owned and operated a computer store, a postal store and a ranch which were allĀ  successful small businesses. I have a skill set related to that type of endeavor. That means that I can write on business plans, customer service, small business bookkeeping and other associated subjects.

Much of my career was relative to healthcare including health insurance, insurance claims, medical records management and clinical management practices. In that vein, it was necessary for me to be well-versed in medical management, medical terminology and medical practice in general.

It was often necessary to write user manuals, test plans and diagnostic tools to support the software that I and/or my team produced.

Project management is a huge part of software development whether someone is writing the actual software or managing the team that is producing the software.

The earliest parts of my career were centered around manufacturing and inventory management. That lead to writing accounting software which required me to acquire an intimate knowledge of accounting and accounting practices. Inventory management is governed by manufacturing practices such as ISO9000 practices and procedures in which I became proficient as well.

From the healthcare standpoint, I was part of the team at Presbyterian Healthcare that made application for the Baldrige Award which required my team to work within the JCAHO Standards and parameters. I was also HIPAA Certified for HIS 2004-2005.

The point of all this is to express that I have a wide area of knowledge and experience to bring to the table. Some of it is highly technical and much of it very narrative as well.

I look forward to becoming a part of your solution.

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