I’m an expert visual artist who works as an Illustrator, Photographer, Graphic Designer and Audio-visual Designer. As an Illustrator I have done commissions for comics, children books, vector Illustrations, portraits, albums covers, greeting cards among many others. I am able to work on very different styles and mediums. I have a versatile way to comprehend and adapt to my customer needs. I have a BA in Fine Arts at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) in Argentina. Thanks to having a strong background on graphic mediums I can understand very quickly how to communicate an idea visually to get the impact required on a targeted audience.

As a photographer and video maker creator I’ve been working mostly on weddings all over Ireland, Argentina, Malta, Portugal, France and Italy on the last 5 years. I also do lifestyle portraits and sometimes fashion photography.

At the moment I’m based between The Netherlands and Ireland but I do travel when I can to my homeland Argentina. Being a freelancer gives me the flexibility to be able to move and work of what I love doing.

Here is my email and website if you are interested on seeing more of my work:


Thanks for reading! I look forward to working with you 🙂

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