Who should I contact if I have a question?

Please visit our Contact Us page and send us a quick message. We designed this platform with you in mind. So please let us know if there is anything we could do to make it better.

How will the client pay me?

Our goal is to make it easier than ever for clients to find and hire local freelancers. To do this, we realized that we needed to take out the middle man. Therefore, all payments and agreements are to be discussed between the client and the freelancer.

Our platform enables freelancers to post their hourly rates so that the client can review prices when searching for the perfect freelancer. We encourage both the client and the freelancer to utilize written agreements prior to beginning any service to prevent miscommunication.

How should I communicate with clients?

You can communicate with clients via email, phone calls, Skype, social media and any other way that makes getting the job done easier. We encourage you to be as responsive as possible with potential clients.

You and the client may contact each other in whatever way best suits you. You can even meet with clients and discuss their needs before taking on the job. Doing so will allow you to clarify the job description and discuss project goals in person.

How are clients supposed to find me?

The Instantlancer platform makes it easy for clients to connect with freelancers.

The Location
The geo-located freelancer database enables users to discover freelancers based on their location. Now you can find freelancers within walking distance.

The Category
Clients can further refine their search by selecting a particular category, or industry, and only discover freelancers who belong to that industry. There are many categories to choose from.

The Keyword
Clients can search keywords or names to find freelancers nearby who provide particular services.

How much does it cost to create a freelancer profile?

It’s absolutely free! And you never have to worry about hidden fees.


How can I get a refund?

Discussing the terms of a refund is recommended before beginning any project. The best method of obtaining a refund is to negotiate the amount of the refund with the freelancer. If you are not satisfied, we encourage you to share your experience with the Instantlancer community.

How can I communicate with freelancers?

We encourage you to communicate with freelancers in any way possible. You can even meet with freelancers before you hire them. Doing so will help you find out if there will be any communication or language problems.

How can I protect my idea?

Your best bet is to find a local freelancer and meet up before discussing the project in detail. Usually clients print out a NDA and the freelancer signs it. Freelancers have no problem signing NDAs. This way your idea is protected.

How do I find a freelancer?

Click on the search bar, type in the person or service you are looking for (eg. “Tutor”), and click ‘Search’. Now, you can select a freelancer who is nearby and contact them instantly.

How much does it cost to use Instantlancer?

It’s absolutely free! And you never have to worry about hidden fees.