The Problem

When we had an idea for an iPhone app, we became frustrated with how difficult it was to find a freelancer who could design us a logo, or build us the app. It was nearly impossible! Of course, we could’ve gone to an agency but what ‘average Joe’ has the money for that? At the time, our only other option was to hire a freelancer online. Although this would have been affordable, we weren’t willing to send off our project without having sat down in person and made sure that what we wanted was well understood. So like the nerds we are, when we couldn’t find it, we built it.

The Solution

Introducing Instantlancer! A simple online platform that reconnects freelancers with their local community. We have freelancers in 20+ countries who are doing what they love in a way that works for them and their clients. Now you can find & hire a local freelancer in seconds. But don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself.