Hiring a freelancer is a great way to save time and money, but working with one is not always an easy task. To make this process a little less painful, here are 5 Tips for Working with Freelancers.

1) Meet in-person or online.

Before hiring a freelancer, chat with them in-person or online. That way, you can make sure that communication will not be an issue.

2) Create crystal-clear project details and agree on a timeline.

There’s nothing worse than rushing a job to meet a deadline. We encourage you to ask the freelancer, “How long will this take to complete?”. Break up your project into smaller tasks, each with its due date. Be sure to discuss how the final product will be delivered. If you need to make changes later, will you be able to? Include these details in your written agreement before getting started.

3) Pay as you go.

We recommend establishing a payment structure that you and your freelancer both agree on. Never pay more than 50% to start. Whether it’s by check, credit card, or cash, always save your invoices. Integrating your payments with milestones will help you avoid payment issues and stay on track.

4) Establish your agreement in writing.

We can’t overstate the importance of creating your agreements in writing. Details such as payments, deliverables, and timeline, should be outlined in writing.

5) Freelancing is NOT free.

8 out of 10 freelancers struggle with nonpayment. The average freelancer loses approximately $6,000 every year due to it. Paying on-time not only helps the freelancer continue working but promotes the freelance economy. Non-payment hurts the clients as much as it hurts the freelancer.

Working with a freelancer has its challenges, but can be especially rewarding. Following these tips will help you make better decisions when working with local freelancers.

Do you have experience working with freelancers? If so, share your tips below.

Happy freelancing! 😀

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