With the help of the internet, remote gigs have become very popular amongst freelancers. With a myriad of job opportunities listed on freelancing websites, chances are you will easily find a job that suits your skills; but I believe freelancing remotely also has its flaws.

1. Clients

Regardless of how good a job or project can be from financial point of view, it is actually the client that determines whether or not you will enjoy the work. Due to the nature of Internet anonymity, some people take advantage in the wrong way; when it comes to bad clients, there is always the possibility that you will not get paid no matter how good your work is. By working locally, you can weed out the problematic clients and build lasting relationships.

2. Rates

Some online freelancing websites require freelancers to bid on projects. For beginners, this can be difficult since they don’t have enough reputation or proofs of previous works to bid high. Meeting with a client face-to-face allows you to backup your rate with your words. After all, you are selling yourself – why not do it the best way you can?

3. Miscommunication

To some extent, online communication is better than the traditional method, but the same thing cannot be said in a working environment. Encouraging face-to-face meetings helps guide expectations and bolsters the client’s understanding of the process. For example, when deadlines are around the corner, the ability to receive immediate feedback is extremely important.

4. Payment

Payment issues can happen in any setting, but it is often worse for online freelancing. Online services typically take a percentage of the transaction and leave the freelancer dependent on their services. Closing a deal face-to-face with your client offers a more flexible method of communication with minimized risk of financial disputes. Best of all, you get to keep 100% of the transaction.

5. Loyalty

When you work remotely, it is hard for clients to gauge your personality and understand your work ethic. Meeting your clients face-to-face gives you the opportunity to forge life-long professional relationships. Loyal clients that return to you are extremely important in developing a successful freelance career and will provide more value than one-time transactions done online.

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